Patricia Martínez y Ángela Pertíñez

Why do we dream ?

Our project is about dreams, some people think that the dreams are wishes.
It happens when we have underfullfield wishes.The scientific study of dreams is called irology.

They are images, emotion and ideas that occur involuntarily while ---- are sleeping.
Dreams occur in the REM(Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. The REM stage of sleep is when brain activity is high and the eyes --- open. (???)
Christians thought that dreams were of the supernatural because the old testament had frecuence stories of dreams with divine inspiration.

References: Wikipedia and national geographic

Our personal opinion is that dreams are important to valorate the life

Underfullfield : Wishes are that aren't follfield = Deseos no cumplidos
Rem stage : Rapid eye movement = Movimiento de los ojos
Supernatural :Out of the natural wored =Sobrenatural
Christians: People of the catholic religion = Cristianos
Irology: It is the study of dreams = Estudio de los sueños

Teacher's notes: This is too short, there is no glossary and it is not clear what you want to talk about.