Driving without hands:THE CAR OF THE FUTURE

What's the car of the future?

They are potential future cars built with different materials, for example:
steel, aluminum and other metals. It is a car with a lot of energy and capable to reach 1000km/h approximately. People don't kow the appearance of this car. They think that this car can fly.

When will it be build?

Scientists mathematicians think that the creation of a future car will be possible in 2050 approximately.
How will it be?
It will be a light car, and silent because its motor will be smaller but more powerful. This car will have all the more advanced equipment of the leading technology.
It has been created by the equipment of Michel Dhome, the director of Lasmea's investigation

Glossary of the main terms

Leading technology -->A whole of specific knowledge of a specific job of industrial art.

Petroleum--> It is a naturally occurring, smelly a black complement what consist consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbon of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compound.

Satellites --> It is an artificial object which has been intentionally placed into orbit.

Important aspects, facts, details about this topic

With the help of a chamber and of a computer these vehicles are capable of memorizing their routes, then to repeat them thanks to a system of points that indicates them where it is necessary to direct.


Future cars will be stronger to crashes also as many of the driving activities will be automated and coordinated with
communication between and between vehicles, street lights, warning signs, satellites, internet and other digital transmission,
and surfing the web with computer means.

We have ideas about the appearance of the future car

1.Future cars will be highly customizable, where consumers will be talented to go online, design their vehicles with own programs
2.Information accumulates centimeter to centimeter of all his tour
3.According to the National French Center of Scientific Investigations this car can find any way that it is already known

Personal opinion

1. We think that the car of the future will be faster because it will have a motor smaller but more powerful.
2.I think that this car will take you to the place that you want without need to lead it.
3.Future cars will be powered by anything but petroleum. And it will use alternative energy that we don't know yet. We think that future cars will use renewable energy for example: Hydrogen , biofuel , organic fuels and a lot more.