We are Cristina Ruiz and Karlota Zubizarreta.

Are we alone in the universe?

1. What conditions must a planet have in order to have life?

Scientists think that there are three conditions which are essential for the existence of life in a planet:
-FIRST CONDITION, the planet has to be rocky, that is, it can´t be gaseous like Jupiter or Saturn.

-SECOND CONDITION, the planet has to maintain a specific distance to its nearest star, so that radioactive waves must be exact to maintain an appropiate temperature and so can contain water on liquid state on the surface.

-THIRD CONDITION, the planet has to have its own magnetic field, to protect it.

2.Are we alone in the universe?

Perhaps not. Some people say that aliens exist and other people say that aliens don´t exist.

-Examples of why the people say that aliens exist: there is some evidence

1) In México, they found an alien in a farm.
2)Also in México, they say that these circles are formed by aliens to communicate with the earth.

-Examples of why the people say that aliens don´t exist: (However there are also other opinions)

1)Even today we haven´t got evidence that life exists in other planets, and the videos and images don´t show with conviction life outside the Earth and we haven´t found any piece of craft or aliens being.
2)There can´t be alien life in other planets because the air isn´t the same like the air in the Earth and their temperatures are very cold or very hot.
3)Even today scientists haven´t found other planets with abundant liquid water, except in the Earth

3. What planet may have alien life?

-Some scientists think that in Marth life can exist. They sent some robots, because they think that send--- one person could be dangerous for living beings, as there could be some microorganisms and viruses.
-Scientists think that a new planet can exist, Gliese 581, it has the neccesary characteristics for life: it is in the right position to receive sufficient energy of the Sun, it has water on its surface, so it is possible to have life.

4. Conclusion.
To have alien live we need some conditions.

Teacher's notes: correct the mistakes, add a glossary and some conclusions.