Advertisements - Adverts - Ads

When you create an Advert you have to consider the following 3 elements

1. Who – Target Audience, that is, the potential customer who could buy the product.

2. What – The Content or Message:
- Think of a slogan that can be easily memorised and attract attention of the viewers
- Write the text that you will use to present the product, describing its best qualities

3. How - The Hook. How to get the audience’s attention.

For Monday 24 you only have to read this page and watch the presentations:
Persuasive advertisements
Persuasive writing

And watch and read a few of these examples

  • Think about the product you want to advertise and you will prepare the text and slogan in the classroom.

  • If you want to make a video go to this site , the user name is "otura4a" and you already know the password.
  • Record your presentation and send it to your teacher via email.