Pablo: Hello, I'm Pablo García from the CNN, and this is Sara Gijón, a new famous dancer and singer. Sara, how is life as a star?

Sara: It's fine, it's nice to see people shouting: "Sara, we love you!" and it's awesome to me.

Pablo: When did you began dancing and singing?

Sara: I began dancing at three years old, and started singing at seven.

Pablo: What is your favourite style of dance?

Sara: I really love hip-hop, and i also like breakdance

Pablo: Oh really? I also like hip-hop. What do your parents think about having a star as a daughter?

Sara: Well, they are getting used to it. At first it was difficult for them to let me go, as young as i was, but is ok now.

Pablo: Do you think you will win the next MTV awards?

Sara: I don't know, i 'll domy best and we'll see.

Pablo: Bye Sara, and thanks for your time.