A difficult daughter

IRENE. - Please parents, come here and sit in the sofa, I need to talk to you one important thing.
ANTONIO. -What do you want said to us?
IRENE. - You know that i have a boyfriend and i really love him. Mi your daugther and if you love me like i love you you have to let me move in with him.
JESÚS. - My lovely daughter, undoubledy we love you but you must think it more. You are too young, only 15 years old and, with this boy you only get along with him 5 months. Please think it and in a few days talk to us it again.
IRENE. - Did you don't listen me? I said to you I really love him. I think it a lot and with this boy I feel happy, you must want it to me, be happy. He loves me too and he is a mature boy that know the limits.
ANTONIO. - We are your parents and we know the better for you, I repeat, we love you and we are more adults than him.
JESÚS. - Listen your dad, he is right.