·Journalist> Belén
·Survivor> Andrea

In a television set. The journalist is sitting in front a desk and next her is sitting the survivor.

-Journalist: Good afternoon! Today we are going to speak with a survivor of a plane accident. A great applause!

-Survivor: Good afternoon, Wendy. I know that you want know about my experience

-Journalist: Yes it's interesting. I start with some questions. What do you think when you saw all the people dead except you? Was you nervous?

-Survivor: At the begining I wanted kill me because I thougt that the people never rescue me.

-Journalist: And How could you find food if the jungle is dangerous?

-Survivor: I made a rod and I fished in the beach, also I ate fruits like bananas and tropicals fruits

-Journalist: Oh very interesting! And you fought with a dangerous animal?

-Survivor: Yes! With a crocodile but I could survival.

-Journalist: Congratulation! Oh Our time is finish! I want that you will come here in the future for stay with us more time.

-Survivor: Oh sorry, I want stay more time with you. This is a great idea, the next week I'm going to come, Bye.