Strange illness
  • Helena: Mum, I don't want to go to school, I feel very sick.
  • Laura: But you have an important exam and you have to go. Don't try to lie me.
  • Helena: It's true! I can demostrate it to you, I have symptoms.
  • Laura: Which one? It's a excuse for don't do the exam.
  • Helena: My head hurts a lot and I think I have fever.
  • Laura: You don't have nothing! It's a lie!
  • Helena: Fuck off! Why don't you believe me?
  • Laura: Because you passed a lot of time with your mobile phone and you didn't study.
  • Helena: What!? I was trying to study because I couldn't bear my head's pain.
  • Laura: And why didn't you tell me it?
  • Helena: Because...
    (Helena faints and fall on the floor)
  • Laura: Helena!

By: Helena & Laura