Blas - Salesman
Ernesto - Customer

(Ernesto enter in a mobile shop, very angry)
BLAS: HI, What do you want, we are Wedia Wart!
ERNESTO: I want my money!!!
BLAS: Be quiet. We are in a public place.
ERNESTO: You swindled me!! You're a thief!!
BLAS: Relax, please. What's the problem?
ERNESTO: I bought a mobile phone yesterday and it was broken. I can't do anything with it.
BLAS: I don't remenber you. Do you have the ticket?
ERNESTO: NO, I lost it yesterday.
BLAS: If you haven't got the ticket I can't give you the money or a new mobile phone.
ERNESTO: I'm going to denounce you!
BLAS: Ok, wait a minute!
ERNESTO: Good bye! I'm going to go to the police now. ( He leaves the shop)
BLAS: (He leaves the shop too and takes Ernesto inside the shop again) Wait a minute please.
ERNESTO: I want a new mobile phone now!
BLAS: But, I can't do this because your mobile phone was the last one.
ERNESTO: Ok, so you sold me the last broken mobile phone of the shopand you recognise it!
BLAS: NO ! I didn't know it was broken, I am a good salesman.
ERNESTO: Are you sure ? Now I'm going to go to the police.
BLAS: ( Takes a gun) Do you want to go to the police ?
BLAS: (He shoots Ernesto) Have a nice day !
BLAS: ( He shows Ernesto the best mobile phone) Now, it is for me.