Picking a more in the cinema.

Student A: María
Student B: Isabel
A: What would you like to do today?
B:Why don't we go to the cinema?
A: Ok, It's a good idea.
B: I'm going to look the cinema films that are for this afternoon, wait a minute.
A: What movies are on?
B:The amazing Spiderman II and The Big Spanish Family
A: What are the gennes of each movie?
B: The first one is an action film, and the second one is a comedy.
A: Ok, What time are on the movies?
B: The movies start at six o'clock
A: Do you know if they one on 3D?
B: Yes, the amazing Spiderman is on 3D.
B: But I don't know the price of the ticket. Do you know it?
A: Yes, it isn't very expensive it cost 5€ and only 2€ the pop-corns and the drink.
B: Ok, but what film do you prefer?
A:I prefer the amazing Spiderman.
B: I prefer it too
A: Ok. So at five o'clock in my house.
B: Ok, bye!
A: Bye!