A: Estefanía
B: Lidia

A: Lidia... I need to tell you something... Your boyfriend is not what he looks like...
B: What? I don't know what do you mean.
A: Your boyfriend is a bad person, he was in love with a lot of women at the same time! I think seriously that you shouldn't get married
with him.
B: Are you joking me? I don't believe you. My boyfriend love me and he would never do that.
A: It's not a joke. I say you this because I'm your friend, and I think that you need to know that.
B: You're crazy, I'm in love with him, and I don't want a life without him.
A: Lidia listen me please... You shouldn't get married with him. If you do that, he will do the same! I think that you should talk with him
about this.
B: I'm going to talk about this with him but... if this is a joking, we will not be friends.
A: You will see that is true! Later you have to say me what he says ok? Lucky!
B: Ok... thenks for say me what do you think... see you later!