Restaurant problems.

By: Daniel Buck Ramos & Ignacio Ambel GarcĂ­a.

A -> Ignacio / Customer
B-> Daniel / Waiter

A: (Eating soup when suddenly he find a cockroach in it)
-What's this? Oh, there's a cockroach in my soup! Excuse me! Excuse me!
B: -Yes, sir?
A: -There's a cockroach in my soup! This is so disgusting! I can't believe it!
B: -Really?!
A: -Yes. Have a look!
B: -Oh sir. I'm so sorry. I'm going to talk with the chef immediatly. Are you going to order another soup or what would you do, sir?
A: -I won't order anything else if you are going to bring me something with cockroachs!
B: -No, sir. This won't happen anymore.
A: -Ok, I trust you this time. But be aware not to give me more food with insects. I'll order another soup.
B: -Of course, sir.