Student A: Samuel

Student B : Carlos

A: Hello darling, I'm going partying.
B: You know I don't like that.
A: Yeah, I promise you is the last time I'll do that.
B: Ok... I'll watch a film and I'll wait for you in the bed... Bye.
A: Bye Darling.

A: I'm home!
B: Shut up... I'm sleeping.
A: Leave me alone, I jist want to have a drink!!!
B: Oh...

B: Look what I've found!
A: What is it?
B: Don't you recognise this woman?!
A: I-I-I-I... Don't know her!
B: You! Bastard! I hate you!! I want to divorce you!
A: No! Please!... I love you!
B: You have cheat on me! I hate you!! Get out of my house!!