team fifteen:moisés Velasco and Víctor Pérez
Sport and Science


-what is sport?
-what is science?
-what improve the sport with science?

what is sport?
Are activites fisical that we make for develop ours muscles.Sport is a form of express your emotions,for example: when you win a game,you expres your emotion of happy.
-Types of sports:basketball,football,snow...





what is science?
Are a group of conociments of a matter what study one specific thing.
for example:Social sciences,life sciences,mats sciences...

what improve the sport with science?
Sport has avanced thanks to science .Science help With its techonological advances to improve sport, in these aspects:

-fotwear: In S.XIX the athletes ran barefoot in the Olimpics games but thanks to the science,in 1910 was created the first trainers by: Marquis Converse.

-tracksuit:the tracksuit is a clothes with elasticity that do more improve performance to make s make sport.

-bicycles:the bikes are a vehicle likeness to a motocycle because its has two wheels but doesn't have a motor.the bikes its develop thanks to science in the weight and in the size...


Conclusion:Thanks to science,the sport was develop and we can enjoy with sport as posible.