Team 14

Benjamín Romero Velasco and Jorge Peregrín Ruiz

ACUATIC MAMMALS : The Blue whale


The blue whale is a marine mammal. The length of the blue whale is about 30 metres and the weight is around the 170 tonnes. The whale is the biggest animal in the world, the typical speed of the whale is a 20km per hour, but, the fastest speed of the whale is 50km per hour, when interacting with other whales.

What do whale eat? The Blue whale feeds exclusively crustaceans(krill) and zooplankton. The adult blue whale can eat 40 million of krill a day, that is 3600 kilograms of food.


Why people hunt the blue whales?

Blue whales are not easy to catch or kill because their speed and power is very high.The whales were started hunting in 3000 a.c. People hunted the blue whale, to obtain oil from the fat and later also meat and bones.

Do people continue hunting whales?

The whales continue being hunted though the oil of whale was replaced by alternative in addition the meet of whale was seen as a delicay.

There are laws that prohiban the hunt for whales?

The commission national whales they established conditions of the number of whales that to be able to hunt in 1986 prohibit the hunt for whales less in tribes who were necessary to live


Benjamin and I think that the whales are animal very valued but that every time they stay less and can manage to become extinct.

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