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1. What is vegetation?

2. What vegetation can we find in Andalucía?

3. What is a natural park?

4. Natural parks in Andalucía.

1. Vegetation is the set of wild plants like trees, shrubs and herbs that grow in a place without people cultivating them.

  • In Andalucía, the Mediterranean forest predominates. This forest is formed by evergreen tress ( like oaks, pines and cork oaks).The Mediterranean forests is being lost because of forest fires.

  • In the highest mountain areas there are deciduous trees such as chestnuts and mountain pines.

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  • In Andalucia there are scrublands with bushes like rosemary and thyme.

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3. Natural parks are protected areas that have a benefit for people. The government takes care of them and protects the living beings that live in them. Andalucia is the region with more natural parks.


  • The natural park of Sierra Nevada has more than sixty species of plants like the star of the snow. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve for humanity.

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  • The natural park of Doñana (Huelva) is one of the largest and most important in Europe. It is situated in the marshes of the Guadalquivir and has many types of species.

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  • The Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena, with its wealth of wildlife is visited for its caves, such as the cave of Wonders.

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  • The Natural Park Sierra de Cazorla is located in Jaén. It is the largest natural park in Spain and the second in Europe. It has been declared a biosphere reserve and space for the protection of birds.

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  • The natural park of Sierra Magina is situated in the south of Jaén .Sierra Mágina is located around a mountain which gives the name of Sierra Mágina. It has a variety of species and vegetation is abundant.

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In Andalucia there are different types of vegetation and there are also many natural parks. We take care of our vegetation and prevent the burning of forest.


  • Set: conjunto
  • Wild plants: plantas silvestres
  • Shrubs: arbustos
  • Evergreen tress: árboles de hoja perenne
  • Oaks: robles
  • Cork oak: alcornoque
  • Deciduous tress: árboles de hoja caduca
  • Chestnuts: castaños
  • Scrublands: matorrales
  • Bushes: arbustos
  • Rosemary: romero
  • Thyme: tomillo
  • Takes care of them: cuida de ellos
  • Marshes: marismas
  • Wildlife: salvaje