Members: Kevin Saez Urquiza & Gerardo Velasco Pérez

  1. What is AIDS?

  2. How can we treat it?

  3. How many people are affected by AIDS?

  4. Is the number of affected increased or decreased?

  5. Are the scienticts found vaccines to treat the AIDS?

1.- AIDS is the group of several types of illneses that are the result of infections by the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Their acronym mean Adquired Inmmuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

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2.- To treat it we can use mixtures of medicines to control the replication of virus. If the infection becomes chronic, the pacient will die between two and three years.

3.- In Spain, more than 3.500 people are affected by this virus. The stadistics say that in one year between 3500 and 5000 people are affected. This virus is transmitted through youngsters and they transmit this virus by sexual contagious. In 2011 80% of people that have been infected were men between 35 and 40 years old and 50% of this percentage were homosexual and the other 30% is heterosexual.

4.- Nowadays death caused by AIDS virus has reduced in 95% so now only a little group of people die, and we can call this illnes chronic but not lethal.

5.- Still, scientists haven't found any vaccine to treat this infection, but they found medicines so that the virus don't reproduce.

There is a map with the percentage of AIDS in Spain:
external image fig1.gif

  • Illneses: enfermedades
  • Vaccine: vacuna
  • Replication: extensión/ infección
  • Still: todavía
  • Nowadays: hoy en día
  • Acronym: siglas